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Why We Run

Not everyone needs a reason to run, but we have one.

100% of our entrance fee is donated to Pendragon Community Trust.


There are so many fantastic charities out there and it is becoming even more competitive to obtain funds to keep the smaller charities in operation. This is why we support Pendragon Community Trust. A small, local charity focused on providing support to the lives of those with physical, mental and emotional difficulties and their families & carers. The multi-sensory unit based in Northallerton is truly an inspirational place and has become a real savior to so many families in the area. We strongly encourage anyone to pop by the multi-sensory centre to not only see what amazing facilities and staff it has but also the reactions and impacts it has on so many children and adults. 

That's why we run.

We also strongly encourage anyone that wants to run for their own charity to enter. Why not generate your own sponsorship or just run for exposure for the charity of your choice. Use The Northallerton 10K as a platform to support a charity that means something to you.


For more information on Pendragon Multi-Sensory Centre: 


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